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Contemporary Wall Mirrors on The Bathroom.

Contemporary Wall Mirrors on The Bathroom.

3 Best Mirror You Should Put in Your Modern Contemporary Bathroom

Mostly of your bathroom has a mirror, doesn’t it? Or have you been designing and build your home, especially your bathroom? What design do you prefer? Nowadays, modern contemporary design becomes a trend. Do you know what contemporary design is? Ok, let’s check this out!

Contemporary designs today embrace minimalistic element highlighting greys, beiges, and shades of white. This style chameleons with streamlined silhouettes, textural fabrics, and endless opportunities to evolve. Contemporary design is the world’s most comfortable and popular trends into a livable look. The characteristics of this design can be defined by a sense of subtlety, simplicity, and elegance, this style only focuses in the space rather than the things in it. And also, this design is more fluid with the time and hard to pin down.

Now, how about decorating your modern contemporary mirror bathroom with mirror? This article will give you some ideas to design your contemporary bathroom with Margo Glass Gallery. Here they are:

  1. Simple but Elegant Using Bathroom Mirror Rectangular

Simplifies mean elegance. Yap, this is simple Bathroom Mirror Rectangular from Margo Glass Gallery, which will make your bathroom looks elegant in the newest bathroom styles, modern style. Sized 60 cm × 40 cm, without frame and just put a simple flower tribal on the mirror make it elegant.

You can put this mirror on your contemporary bathroom design. Why this mirror can be applied on the contemporary style? Because of the simple design also have flexibility factor which have a powerful role. Gradation of the white or grey wall colour of your background will take a best place to put this mirror. It has a glass shelf in front of it, which can be used to put your toiletries such as, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, etc. . You can put this mirror above your washstand. Is that cool, isn’t it? You can buy it through this link.

Flexibility Over the Simple Design Modern Mirror

This is a Modern Wall Mirror from Margo Glass Gallery. Well, actually you can put this everywhere you want, such as your private room, family room, guest room, and bathroom. The design is simple, with sized 80 cm×50 cm and 5mm thickness, and semi-futuristic accent make this mirror well blended and can be applied on modern contemporary style, especially for your bathroom. You can put it above your washstand or beside your bathtub.

This mirror is suitable for those of you who like simple bathroom designs that don’t require a lot of condiments. Make it simple, you can put this mirror in here!

  1. Round Bathroom Mirror on Your Simplicity Bathroom

Rounded mirror can easily to put in your bathroom design and matched perfectly with modern contemporary style, because it simple and can combined with your bathroom condiments. You can put these mirrors on the top of your washstand or beside your bathtub. The mirror also has a flower pattern carved on the mirror. They also a place to put soap and other items. Here some inspiration for you:

In those illustrations idea you can put your mirror with white or greys background to make it stand out more perfect and aesthetic. You can get the mirror here for rounded mirror, and here for the oval one.

So, those are some mirror ideas for your modern contemporary bathroom design. Do they hook you to buy it? Furthermore, if you want to explore more about mirror, you can visit Margo Glass Gallery at www.margovenetianmirror.com.


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