Convex Mirror & Concave Mirror Give A Romantic Feel

Convex Mirror & Concave Mirror Give A Romantic Feel

Convex Wall Mirror and Concave Wall Mirror – Mirrors are a decoration that never escapes in a building, mirrors have always played a major role in a building. It is undeniable because the uses and benefits of mirrors are very diverse so that the mirror always occupies the first position in a building. Maybe some people wonder, can Convex Mirror and Concave Mirror be used as interior decorations in a building? Of course, this type of mirror is now much in demand, maybe you only know that this mirror can only be used as a mirror in everyday life, but this mirror can be used as a very beautiful interior decoration.

However, in terms of making this type of mirror, it is quite complicated so that not all companies can produce this type of mirror. Its presence in a room is able to provide comfort to the occupants of the house because the design is simple but very elegant when made into an Interior wall Decoration. The elegant design makes the room beautiful and looks stunning when people see it. This mirror also makes the atmosphere in the room comfortable and romantic for homeowners.

Convex wall Mirror and Concave wall Mirror have many color variants ranging from green, blue, brown, silver, and black, but this time we will discuss a little about Convex Wall Mirror Blue and Concave Wall Mirror Green.

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Antique Concave Mirror


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A round blue convex mirror is perfect for displaying on your living room wall. An elegant blue mirror coupled with a black tinge on each side of the mirror adds a dramatic impression to the room, a mirror that was originally only for daily use, has now developed into a very beautiful Wall Mirror Decor. Blue convex mirrors can be used as living room wall decorations, dining room walls, hotel lobby walls, and others. The size of the convex is also very diverse, ranging from 80cm to the largest 100cm.

The presence of a blue convex mirror in the room can add to the beauty of the room and give an elegant impression, with this mirror it will attract the attention of everyone who is visiting your home. Convex Mirror 80cm is an alternative for homes with minimalist designs who want to use a convex mirror, the presence of this mirror is able to create the illusion of a wider room. The colors are quite complete, ranging from blue, green, brown, red, and black, the motifs used for convex are antique motifs.

  • Concave Mirror Green

Concave Wall Mirror

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Concave Mirror is a mirror whose reflecting plane is curved inward, initially concave is ordinary flat glass then processed until it can be bent but deep. Green oval concave mirror is very suitable to be displayed on the living room wall, this mirror is also useful as a convex mirror which was originally only for daily needs, but now the mirror has developed into a very beautiful and luxurious wall decoration. Concave mirrors can not only be displayed on the walls of the living room, mirrors can also be mounted on the walls of the dining room, bedroom walls, and so on, there is nothing wrong if you try new things like using this green concave glass.

Mirror so that it can give a beautiful and attractive impressio in your room. A concave mirror is a simple mirror so it is perfect for those of you who don’t like being too complicated. This mirror has several color variants such as blue, brown, green, and silver. If you want a mirror, please contact us and you can also custom the design and size. Oh yes, you can also visit our website and see that you have many categories of mirrors ranging from Convex Wall Mirrors, Concave Wall Mirrors, Antique Wall Mirrors, Modern Mirrors, etc.


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