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Interior More Aesthetic by Distressed Industrial Mirror!

Interior More Aesthetic by Distressed Industrial Mirror!

Distressed Industrial Mirror is a new breakthrough to complement the increasingly contemporary interior of your home. The reason is, this is a glass design that is inspired by modern industrial designs in urban style. So, give it a contemporary office-style touch that makes your home even more charming. Featuring great visuals, in every room you will feel the style of a luxury home model. Not only is it able to reflect illustrations from your home decor, it also adds to the appeal of every looking eye.

industrial mirror

industrial mirror

Distressed Industrial Mirror has a variety of design models that you can choose from. Starting from the shape of an oval, rectangle, triangle, oval, and so on. You can also order small, medium, and large sizes according to your taste. In any function, you can choose according to your needs. Whether used for windows, decorative mirrors, mirrors for dressing up, or anything else. You will find mirrors in an eclectic industrial style, which make the interior of the house even more comfortable and look beautiful. Well, here are the complete types of Distressed Industrial Mirror designs that you can choose from:


  1. Elizabeth Austin Kenton Mirror

A mirror design that is round in shape, with two layers of circles in it. Equipped with arrows around the corner of the circle. Elizabeth Austin Kenton Mirror is almost like an archery tool. Judging from the unique design and looks masculine, it is very suitable to complement the interior of your home. So, it can be a wall decoration that can reflect the splendor of your home. Moreover, the antique glass design makes your home decor even more dramatic.

wall mirrors

  1. ELK Lighting Metal Branch Wall Mirror

ELK Lighting Metal Branch Wall Mirror is perfect for you to choose as decorative glass that makes home interiors more artistic. The reason is, a small round glass surrounded by a root-shaped design is very appropriate when affixed to the wall. This will make your home decor even more attractive and charming. A touch of plant root patterned design, will be a sight that is healthy for the eyes. Make residents feel more comfortable in the room, and as if they are in a garden that soothes the soul. So, it doesn’t make you and your family quickly get bored if you have to work from home. Make your home a captivating artistic value for every visitor!

wall mirrors

  1. Sterling Hedron Wall Mirror

Sterling Hedron Wall Mirror is one of the amazing breakthroughs in creating aesthetically pleasing window glass innovations. It’s not just a rectangular or a rectangular window with a wooden lining on the side, it’s more than that. This glass is designed in such a way with a frame like the folds of paper that surrounds the glass. So, it looks more attractive to look at and is able to decorate a charming home decor. Not only for reflection and air circulation, but also can be used as a room sweetener. Make the interior of your home look beautiful and pleasant for the residents in it.

wall mirrors

This is our article on Distressed Industrial Mirror. Hopefully this is useful for you readers. Especially, for those of you who are looking for glass to complement the interior of your home. Apart from getting its function as a window for air circulation and a mirror, glass can also be a home decoration that makes decorations even more charming. The reason is, this is a glass designed in the style of an eclectic industrial style. So, what are you waiting for Guys? Immediately, see for yourself its amazing uses! You can order at Margovenetianmirror, solutions to get original quality products and design variations according to your expectations.

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