Let’s Go Back to the Past with Industrial Metal Frame Mirror!

Let’s Go Back to the Past with Industrial Metal Frame Mirror!

Internet has been blown away since the industrial style has become a hot topic recently. Many buildings and houses are using this style as their theme. Industrial style is a unique interior design inspired by 19th-century factories in Europe. Industrial style is focusing on exposing the unfinished material of the building which has normally been hidden, but in this style, it becomes a naturally vintage aesthetic. This style of design started in the 1950s when European people began to use abandoned factory buildings as their residence for the sake of efficiency, but over time it has also infiltrated into other commercial real estate such as café, restaurants, or even offices. Many claim that the industrial style is a strategic problem solving that drives innovation and creativity in arts.

Trend of Industrial Interior

If we discuss interior design, then we cannot forget the interior ornaments that decorate it. Interior holds a key role in the interior design of a room. It can emphasize your room’s theme by its presence. Moreover, interior ornaments can also be used as self-expression. Thus you can show your characteristics to your guests.

Speaking of interior ornaments, industrial-styled ornaments have begun to be a trend nowadays. We can find many café and working spaces that use ornaments that have an industrial theme anywhere, specifically on Instagram. Many of them said that industrial-styled ornaments are giving them authentic vibes that they cannot find in any other ornament styles since most of the industrial-styled ornaments are handmade. There are various industrial-styled ornaments such as hanging lights, pendant lamps, armchairs, and also DIY figurines. Those are the common industrial-styled ornaments that you would in many places. But if you’re a contrarian who is looking for something different and rarely found anywhere, then a Wall Mirror Décor which is themed in industrial design is the perfect option. Industrial Wall Mirror provides you some key features that would elevate your room theme into another level. For example is this mirror below. It is a masterpiece mirror product that come from the best mirror manufacture that has international reputation for years, which is Margo Glass Gallery.

Oval Antique Iron Frame

Oval Antique Iron Frame

The etched moldy glass on its surface would give you aesthetic rustic look that would drives you back to the European old factory ambience in the past. Besides that, this type of mirror also has a decent durability since it was made of 5 mm thick glass material combined with black metal frame which last longer than any other mirror types. In addition, an Industrial Metal Mirror is an easy maintenance ornament you don’t need to do a hassle work like wiping up the mirror every morning, in fact the more molded it is the more antique the mirror is. Lastly, this mirror is quite versatile; you can put it in various rooms such as living room, dining room, and bedroom due to its large size.

Other than that, Margo Glass Gallery also have another product that would hook you to get it. Contemporary Antique Mirror Panel, a handmade mirror panel that release exclusively for an Industrial style enthusiast like you.

Contemporary Antique Mirror Panel

Contemporary Antique Mirror Panel

An Industrial themed room wouldn’t complete if the windows is still the ‘normal’ one. As a consequence, you need this mirror to more amplify the industrial side of your room. Made from 5 mm thick glass material which polished in the round shape for each edge, combined with strong black metal frame on the mirror side and black multiplex 12-18 mm as the base This product provides stunning durability which it suit really well to install on your windows or even your door as the ornaments. This Rectangular Metal Frame Mirror comes in a huge size (104 cm x 129 cm) but you can also request to us to resize it as you like.

Overall, Industrial design can be an option for those who are still blank about interior design realm. It provides so many unique aspects to enhance your room, especially with Metal Frame Mirror. Hopefully this article would give you more useful insight, and please contact us for more details. We guarantee that you would have the greatest service experience from the Best Industrial Mirror Manufacture.

By: Ichsan

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