Not Broken, But This is indeed an Antique Wall Mirror

Not Broken, But This is indeed an Antique Wall Mirror

Have you ever seen a broken mirror? A broken mirror is a sentence that many hear in the ear of a mirror that can’t be used anymore. A broken mirror could be broken, scratched, dirty or something else. This time we will discuss antique mirrors, which some people call antique mirrors broken mirrors, why??? Because an Antique Wall Mirror is a patterned mirror, there are black spots on the mirror.

Can antique mirrors be used as wall decorations?? While the mirror is a mirror that looks dirty?!
Don’t get me wrong, antique mirrors are not dirty mirrors. Antique mirrors can be used as wall decorations, loo gaess.. Mirror lovers or mirror collectors will understand about this antique mirror. An antique mirror is a mirror that looks ancient in ancient times, as well as the addition of elements of black spots on the mirror.

This Antique Style Mirror is a classic and ancient mirror that is sold or produced by take glass or other glass suppliers because only skilled artisans or craftsmen are able to make this antique mirror. In general, most people produce fresh mirrors which do not have antique elements or rusty motifs to support the classic and industrial design theme. So that there is a lot of extra work that must be done by applicators and contractors to make the mirror give a rusty impression.

There are several types of antique mirrors that can be used as wall decorations for your home that have a classic or ancient atmosphere, including:

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Antique Mirror Large

Antique Mirror Large

1. Distressed Wall Mirror

Distressed Wall Mirror is a type of antique mirror in our collection. This antique mirror is the same as other types of antiques, but only differs in the amount of antiquity. This mirror looks so dirty like a broken mirror. You can tell the difference from other types, this mirror is full of black or black spots that are very visible on the mirror.

This mirror is the same as the other types, we still use a 5mm mirror thickness with 18mm multiplex and black paint. This mirror is much sought after by collectors of antique mirrors for collections and decorative walls. This mirror can also be called Antique Mirror Tiles because it looks like a tile.

Distressed Mirror

Distressed Mirror

2.  Antique Wall Mirror Panels

Antique mirror wall panel is a type of antique mirror and also an example from Margo Glass Gallery. Antique mirror panels shaped like tiles. We use a 5mm mirror thickness with 18mm multiplex and black paint and use a black antique frame. This mirror with a panel size of 20 x 20 cm, the mirror parts are connected to a wooden frame with glue. The mirror can be hung vertically on the wall with two hooks.

Not only is the panel size 20×20, we are ready to accept custom sizes with Large Mirrors. Antique mirror wall panels are usually affixed to the wall, either in the bedroom, living room or bathroom.

The mirror can act as an attraction that can make anyone curious to see it. The mirror does not only serve as an auxiliary tool for the mirror. Unique designs and characters can also make mirrors a decorative element that can beautify any room in your home. A mirror that is placed in a certain corner of the room can give the impression that the room looks brighter and more airy.

Thus our article that discusses antique mirrors. Hopefully this can be your important guide in decorating a room with antique mirrors, to get this mirror with good quality is of course realistic between price and material. Also make sure the design mode suits your needs or desires. Please visit Antique Mirror Company for this type of mirror. That’s it and thank you.


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