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Stunning Mirrored Furniture That Will Surprise Your Guests

Stunning Mirrored Furniture That Will Surprise Your Guests

In realm of interior design which always grows, there are more and more people who seek for the pleasure of the interior vibes in their home. Mirrors are taking an important role. They are perfect at reflecting natural and artificial light, which can making a space appear brighter and more open. Placing mirrors strategically can enhance the overall lighting in a room.

In this article, I’m will try to give a recommendation of Mirrored Furniture that you can consider to buy to beautify your room. There are several variations which providing different style and concept of each. You can suit them by yourself according to your own room scheme and preference.


Clocks come in a variety of forms, designs, and materials, allowing them to enhance the aesthetic of a place. Whether your interior decor is modern, vintage, minimalist, or unconventional, there is most certainly a clock design that fits your aesthetic.

Venetian Black Clock

Venetian Black Clock

By hanging a clock on your wall, you can emphasize the room scheme. For example, a Clock  Wall Mirror that has a vintage design. It can enhance the antique vibes of your room since it comes with Venetian style design. This mirrored furniture was made from 5mm thick glass material which been etched in floral pattern on mirror surface. It is also finished in black. Common sizes for the clock black mirror are 80cm x 40cm and 100 cm x 50cm.



Table is fundamental Venetian Mirror Furniture that everybody should have in their house. It can provide both functional and aesthetical aspect as house interior. Table can come in various type, size, shape, and design which make them very versatile furniture.

Table is distinguished in two variants which are wooden table and Mirrored Table. Wooden table is a table that made from 100% (or mostly the material is) wood, this is the kind of table that we normally see in our daily life. Meanwhile the mirrored table is quite different from the previous one. It made from mostly mirror glass combined with wood and block board. Mirrored table come in wide range of variation, one of them that people consider as the most beautiful is Console Mirrored Table.

It has unique and aesthetic vibes that will brings your memory back to 18/19th century. This rectangle furniture is also can be an epitome of elegance and luxury through its design which called Venetian Style.  The table was made from 5mm thick glass material combined with mahogany wood, so the durability has no doubt at all. You can put it on almost every corner of your room.

Venetian Mirror Table

Venetian Mirror Table


Dressing table mirror can be a great solution for those who are looking for table decoration. The main function of a dressing table mirror is to provide a reflective surface for grooming and personal care activities. It allows us to see ourselves clearly while dressing, applying makeup, styling hair, or doing skincare routines. But beyond its functional role, the dressing table mirror often serves as a decorative element which can contribute to the overall aesthetic of the dressing area or bedroom, and also creating a focal point in order enhancing the room’s style.

Mirrored Furniture Kirie

Mirrored Furniture Kirie

One of the variant of dressing is Trifold Dressing Mirror, which is a mirror that you can fold into three sections and the one that many people consider to buy. Trifold mirrors are hinged, allowing each panel to be adjusted to different angles. This flexibility enables users to position the mirrors according to their height and specific grooming needs. It’s particularly useful for individuals of varying heights or when the mirror needs to accommodate different tasks like applying makeup, styling hair, or getting an overall view of the outfit. The tri-panel also adds an interesting visual element to the space, especially the frame of the mirror and also a very charming Dress Table Mirror to combine with this tri fold mirror.

That was the recommendation about mirrored furniture. Each of them is having different characteristic and function. Choose your furniture wisely so that you can have a great room which will brings happiness for anyone who comes in. I hope that this article can give you more preference about house interior especially those that made from glass.

Written by: Ichsan

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