Superiority of Rectangle Venetian Mirror Style

Superiority of Rectangle Venetian Mirror Style

Rectangular Venetian mirrors are believed to be very beautiful due to the complex manufacturing procedures that involve cutting and forming the mirrors. One of the reasons for the superiority of the palace mirror style, especially the solo palace, is the carved mirror known among European collectors as the Rectangular Venetian Mirror.

Rectangular Keraton or Venetian style mirrors are believed to be very beautiful due to the intricate manufacturing procedures which involve the art of cutting and the art of turning clear glass into mirrors.

Venetian mirror makers began with the artist Murano on the rectangular Venetian, perfecting his manufacturing technique using gold leaf preparations. Gold foil adds color and timeless shine to a court mirror or rectangular Venetian mirror. This technique takes advantage of the use of tin to color glass.

Venetian Mirror Murano

Venetian Mirror Murano

A rectangular Venetian mirror can display sophistication in any environment. This is a classic mirror with a long history; It is believed to be around 1350 when the first was produced on the Italian island of Murano. It turns out that Nuzio da Murano, son of the area’s first skilled glassmaker, apparently made the first.

Initially, the frames of rectangular Venetian mirrors were made of carved wood or ivory, but at the edges. The current XVIII typical glass print. In addition to molding featuring carved motifs as we have mentioned, this can also feature manually cut crystal flowers.

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Over time, makers of rectangular Venetian mirrors or Venetian mirrors developed processes that allowed them to manipulate various effects in the glass. The premium quality of the Venetian rectangular mirror is able to present a new reality: competitors are constantly looking for the secrets of the Venetian rectangular mirror production.

Confidentiality of manufacture is strictly maintained. The palace mirror which is part of the palace collection was originally a colonial offering. Because this collection of Venetian mirrors is so beautiful, someone has to return it if it gets damaged.

Due to start recovery training intervention. The lucky ones were the builders who had received training in restoration methods. They usually live around the Venetian

Excellence Venetian Style Mirror or Rectangle Venetian Mirror Mirror. Apart from the Venetian, only the rich could afford this rectangular Venetian mirror. A Venetian mirror cost as much as a horse in its time. Because of the beauty of the glass carving

Today the rectangular Venetian mirror Style Mirrors is able to convey the luxury and status of its owner.

Rectangular Venetian Mirror

Rectangular Venetian Mirror

Advantages of Rectangle Venetian Mirror

The high market demand for palace mirrors: Many markets demand inspiration for imitation productions which are marketed often labeled as “rectangular Venetian-inspired” mirrors or “rectangular Venetian Style”. However, it is consumers who know that only real champagne comes from the French province of Champagne; The original rectangular Venetian mirror only comes from the Italian rectangular Venetian island of Murano.

While rectangular Venetian mirrors are still highly valued and in demand, most rectangular Venetian mirrors are considered affordable investments and functional works of art. Indeed, when one looks at the delicate details of a rectangular Venetian mirror, the magnetic attraction of the beauty of a rectangular Venetian mirror is practically impossible to resist.

Rectangle Venetian Mirrors

Rectangle Venetian Mirrors


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