The Allure Of Concave Wall Mirrors Decors

The Allure Of Concave Wall Mirrors Decors

Concave Wall Mirror  is a mirror that collects reflected light inward. Have you ever seen this type of mirror as a wall decoration mirror? this mirror is the main attraction in some circles because of its unique design and different from other mirrors. This mirror the same as a mirror in general which is in the form of a sheet and then processed into a concave shape, the design of this concave mirror is unique and simple, but when used as an Interior Home Decor in a room it becomes very beautiful and looks modern.

Nothing reason to choose this mirror to be used as a wall decoration, the presence of a concave mirror on the walls of the room adds a very beautiful and elegant impression. There are several types of concave mirror colors:
1. Concave Wall Mirror Green
2. Concave Wall Mirror Black
3. Concave Wall Mirror Brown
4. Concave Wall Mirror Silver

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1. Concave Mirror Green

A unique and simple mirror, has its own charm because of its uniqueness. One of the mirrors that has the attraction of mirrors based on several colors, which we take as an example, is a Concave Mirror Green. The green color itself is one of the results of the combination of yellow and blue, as well as the complement of magenta. Green which means soothing, green is found in many leaves which are useful for reducing stress. Just imagine the green color that we usually see in the leaves we can find in the green hollow mirror.

A green concave mirror placed in the room can change the condition of the room to be cooler like in nature when we see it. A Concave Mirror Green also provides its own benefits for a room that looks wider and a concave mirror is able to display images such as illustrations or paintings that will attract the attention of everyone who visits your home, mirrors are very suitable to be in the living room, bedroom , and others.

Antique Concave Mirror For Sale

Concave Mirror 80cm and 90 cm.

Concave mirror are both used as interior decorations, but concave mirrors are more beautiful when used as interior decorations, so don’t be surprised if these mirrors are in great demand and become the main attraction. The choices are also very diverse, ranging from green, blue, silver, and others. So there’s nothing wrong if you try new things by using Concave Wall Mirror decorations. The size is quite complete, from Concave Mirror 80 cm to the largest 95cm, the mirror can be hung vertically on the wall using two hangers.

2. Concave wall mirror black.

The black concave wall mirror décor will feel integrated with the light color walls in the living room. other than on the sofa can be hung above the fireplace decors. some selections of convex wall black is 80cm, 90 cm and the larges is 95cm. Decorative black mirror concave used 5mm glass thickness with metal hanging on the back of mirror.  Let find photo above for detail image.

Concave wall mirror blue

Concave wall mirror blue

3. Concave Wall Mirror Brown. 

This concave mirror uses a 5mm thick mirror with a production combustion process so that from a flat mirror to a concave mirror. The brown concave mirror will feel integrated with the white walls in the living room. This mirror feels romantic as a decoration in the living room. In addition to the modern style, this mirror can be made in a classic style. the contemporary look of the mirror is the hallmark of the style.

Concave Wall Mirror Brown

Concave Wall Mirror Brown

4. Concave Wall Mirror Silver. 

Concave Mirror Image

Concave Wall Mirror silver

For the this mirror we have some measurement.

  1. Concave round 60cm
  2. concave round 80 cm
  3. concave round 90 cm
  4. concave round 95 cm

Concave mirror is also suitable to be placed in the bedroom, why?? Just imagine we wake up opening our eyes and then in front of the mirror the mirror makes us feel calmer. The presence of a concave mirror in the bedroom is a reflection because in the bedroom you will get peace, this time the concave mirror combined with a wooden frame and a very elegant color makes the room more elegant. The existence of a concave wall mirror in a room will certainly add a different feel to the room.

Thus the article from Margo Venetian Mirror which discusses the Convex Wall Mirror. So, it becomes an important guide for those of you who decorate your room with concave wall mirrors. In order to get a concave wall mirror with good quality. Of course, be realistic between the price and the material. Also make sure the design mode matches your wishes or needs. Okay Guys, enough from us and thank you.

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