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Venetian Mirror: Art of Interior Wall Mirrors.

Venetian Mirror: Art of Interior Wall Mirrors.

Art of Wall mirror in earlier times used by the people of the kingdom, they can be found in many of the palaces of Indonesia, when the solo, central java, Mangkunegaran palaces, castles Kasunanan, Kaputren palace. and for now they are antiques mirror and high value. in earlier times, venetian mirrors brought to Indonesia by traders, such as the Netherlands, India, Middle East, some countries Europa. they serve as a tribute or a symbolic expression of gratitude, which is often given by the princess royal itself. do not be surprised if you saw must have been very fascinated. venetian mirror is famous for their intricate structure, designed in the traditional touch to own mirror. her style is classic style engraving and scratches on the glass becomes elegant.

At this time many venetian mirrors found in every city. venetian mirror has provided a new reason to possess or purchase. the real purpose of this mirror as a tool for personal work, be it for makeup, clothes tidy, so it makes a perfect performance. with the advent of this mirror craftsmen, we can obtain a new value so that in addition to private lots in use as decorations. with an amazing view of this mirror, the interior designer to use this mirror not only serves as the basis of their destination, but also to give an elegant look to their homes. Actually, venetian mirrors are designed in such a way that mirrors that can be embraced by the room. so, when one chooses a venetian mirror, they have to see if it fits with other things like furniture that is present in the room where you will add your mirror to enhance the look of the room. installation should now be more beautiful when paired with the furniture mirror, or there is also a some interior of the glass.

Venetian mirror mirror is quite expensive when compared to the frame of wood frame, rattan frame or the other. because the materials are difficult and not every city in Indonesia to sell. although the techniques used modern, in the days of old are still use architecture. it takes a person skilled in the art to make it. mode actually come and go, but venetian mirrors style have been taken to change the statement, the force that brought it comes and goes, but style is always to live in it permanently. in addition to the design of classic venetian style mirror that I told you it you will also find a Modern style design. If the style of carved or gaffers classic time required to produce. for this style of pricing is more expensive but the resulting design and art will take you for a moment amazed to see it. whereas if only a bit of modern style carved, usually just use a bevel on the edge of each glass. therefore the price of this style is not any more cheap. so, make you choose the style of venetian mirrors that match the theme of your home. glass is fragile and complicated as the making, finally came the idea to provide protection to every frame, so the glass to avoid any collision. materials used as protective namely wood, velvet cloth.

Please check the mirror image below, this is our picture of the differences for venetian mirror style with classical or modern style.

The first is a classic venetian style mirrors, which appear from this style of carving and engraving is in it. add bevel glass ornaments for every part of the glass. Given small ornaments along the bevel to the frame. formed motif carvings engraved glass flowers with oblique scratches behind. This design is usually made with a large size, such as high between 140cm – 200cm x 100cm and 60cm wide. This style of decoration in the hanging for the living room or family room. no I’ve said, do not be surprised if the price of this style is expensive. They look like antiques style.

consider the modern design:
This style is very simple and minimalist. suitable for modern home style. not ornate or gaffer in it. famous venetian glass mirror modern with a cheaper price. if for no less beauty with a classic design. all depends on your taste.

so, then which one do you like? venetian mirror option you must determine the interior decoration.

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