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What You Need To Know About The Venetian Wall Mirror

What You Need To Know About The Venetian Wall Mirror

Before the Venetian Wall Mirror was discovered, the ancients saw themselves reflected in lakes and ponds. The ancient Egyptians and Romans used crude methods of viewing their own reflections using mirrors made of metal and bronze.

The glass industry revolutionized the glass industry and mirrors are now made of glass and are used not only for viewing reflections but also as decorative works of art. Almost every home has a mirror. This article deals with the history of mirrors, focusing primarily on Venetian mirrors.

venetian glass mirror

Venetian Wall Mirror

The History Behind The Venetian Wall Mirror

The history of mirror making dates back to 1255. At that time, artisans, glassmakers and bottle makers settled in a place called Murano, Italy. This is where Venetian Glass  Mirror makers first made these mirrors. Murano craftsmen collected trade secrets.

The Venetians took part in such actions. Venetian Mirror Murano glass makers produced Venetian glass, which gave rise to Venetian mirrors. One of them is full length venetian mirror. Glass made on the island of Murano in the 15th century became popular throughout Europe as a product of high quality, elegance and beauty.

Venetian mirror full length

Venetian Mirror Murano

Glassmakers had the knowledge and experience to produce crystal glass. They also found a way to make large pieces of glass with reflective surfaces. This made them more famous than other glass makers. There were three reasons for the Venetian Glass Mirror elegance.

The first reason was the formation of soda and salt in the Italian silica, another reason was the flame used during firing, and the last reason was the salinity of the seawater used. The beauty of these mirrors surpasses that of other competitors around the world.

The Popularity of Venetian Glassmakers Who Made Venetian Mirror

The popularity of Venetian glassmakers made Venice a center of mirror production in his early 16th century. The Venetian has created a genuine Venetian Mirror Company using the world famous fine glass.

He was considered one of the purest types of mirrors in the world. Centuries later, finding such authentic mirrors has become difficult. Small steel mirrors are starting to gain popularity due to their affordability. But its real gun quality is never surpassed by Steel Mirror.

Venetian mirror large

Therefore, rifles began to be exported to Europe and the East. They were purchased by palaces in Lahore and Isfahan and displayed in their palaces as decorative art. Genuine Venetian mirrors remained rare for centuries after the 16th polished metal mirror became more popular worldwide than Venetian mirrors. You can buy small things anywhere.

Venetian Style Mirrors can only be found in well-established haberdashery stores that have a long history of precious products. For example, a merchant known by the name André Clement set up shop in Paris in the 1520s, and in Venice he had two mirrors worth over $9,000. Finding a mirror is no longer easy, especially outside of Paris.

By 1622, in an inventory of 248 properties in Paris, he had only nine genuine mirrors made in Venice. In the early 16th century, these mirrors became very expensive. It was about 13,000 yen.

By the mid-17th century, more materials for making mirrors, such as steel and silver, began to be introduced, and some bought gold for this purpose would have known that it still does not match the latest in terms of beauty and quality.

Italy suffered an economic recession that affected most customers. Venice therefore had to take initiatives to target foreign markets, and France was one of her top consumers. Finally, in the modern era, now you can personalize a custom venetian mirror based on your taste.


Learn Venetian Mirror Murano, Symbols Of Luxury And Elegance

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