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Bedroom With Convex Wall Mirror

Bedroom With Convex Wall Mirror

Convex Mirror – The bedroom is one part of the house for a place to rest, of course everyone wants a bedroom with a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere. If you want your bedroom to look beautiful and comfortable, then the choice of decoration in the bedroom must also be right, one of the mirrors that can create the illusion of a wider room is a Convex Wall Mirrors which is widely known as a convex mirror.

Convex Brown Mirror

Convex Brown Mirror

Convex mirrors are often used as safety mirrors on the highway, now mirrors can also be used as interior decorations on the walls of any room, especially bedrooms. A mirror with a surface that curves forward so that it can spread light, this mirror is widely chosen as a wall decoration because of the beauty and uniqueness of the mirror. This type of mirror is not only in great demand by the general public, but art lovers also buy this mirror as a collection, a convex mirror has several options, the following types are suitable for decoration in your bedroom:

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  • Convex Mirror Blue

Antique Convex Wall Mirror

The choice of a mirror to be used as a decoration in the bedroom should not be arbitrary, why is that? Because the selection of a mirror that is not suitable for the bedroom will actually worsen its appearance, so you need to think about what mirror is suitable for your bedroom.

A convex mirror is a mirror that is suitable for bedroom decoration, this one mirror is also no less beautiful and beautiful than other mirrors, try to pay attention to the color which is very elegant and coupled with antique motifs making the impression of this mirror modern and classic combined with an iron plate to make the mirror look elegant, not only combined with an iron plate but also can be combined with a wooden frame.

round convex wall mirror

round convex wall mirror

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The installation of a convex mirror on the bedroom wall makes it look more beautiful and charming, besides being installed in the bedroom, the mirror can also be installed on the living room wall, family room wall, dining room wall, and others. The color choices for convex mirrors are also quite complete, ranging from blue, brown, black, red, and many more, the sizes also vary from 40cm, 60cm, 80cm to the largest 95cm. Convex mirrors can also be installed on the walls of a minimalist home to create the illusion of a wider room. 

  • Covex Mirror Bubble

Convex Antique Mirror

Not only a blue convex mirror that can be used as an ornament in the bedroom, this bubble convex mirror can also be used as a bedroom ornament, its presence in the bedroom can add an elegant impression to the bedroom. The design that is not too crowded is perfect for those of you who don’t like designs that are too flashy.

Concave Wall Mirror

Concave Wall Mirror

This mirror is not only suitable to be placed in the field in the bedroom, it can also be installed on the walls of the family room, living room wall, and others. Mirror sizes ranging from 86cm to the largest 116cm. For the back frame we use 12-18mm multiplex, and black paint finish, the mirror can be hung vertically on the wall using two hangers and concrete nails.

Convex Mirror Online

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