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Correct Position of Round Venetian Mirror at Home

Correct Position of Round Venetian Mirror at Home

Incorporating round Venetian mirror in home decor seems to have become commonplace. Try to pay attention when you visit a relative or neighbor’s house, is there a round Venetian mirror in the house?

According to feng shui, a round venetian mirror is known as an antidote to negative energy. Placing a round venetian mirror in the right position will make the space bigger and brighter and attract positive energy thereby creating the desired serenity.

In addition, the use of Round Venetian Mirrors in the house can also correct design error s or other decorations in the house that create negative energy.

Correct Position of Round Venetian Mirror at Home

1. Round venetian mirror in the main room

Placing a round venetian mirror in the main room or foyer where the entrance to the house is is a good feng shui position. Because round Venetian mirrors are useful for reflecting more light into the house. Even when you are going out of the house a round venetian mirror is useful to check your final appearance.

If you choose a frame with a touch of luxury, a round venetian mirror will also create uniqueness in the main room. But never place a round Venetian mirror facing the main room door or reflecting it. Because this position will ‘kick’ positive energy back out.

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Venetian Mirror Round

Venetian Mirror Round

2. The round Venetian mirror in the hallway serves to neutralize negative energy from the stairs

Placing a round Venetian mirror in a hallway at home, whether it’s a wide or narrow hallway, is a good thing. Especially if the hallway has stairs. Because wherever it is, the stairs always create negative energy, so the round venetian mirror helps to improve the energy produced.

But you need to note that don’t put a round venetian mirror facing directly or reflecting the stairs. This position will actually multiply the disturbing negative energy from the stairs.

Venetian Wall Mirror Round

3. Put lots of small round venetian mirrors on one wall

Using lots of round Venetian mirrors in a living room is a good choice according to feng shui. Provided that the position of the round Venetian mirrors is on one wall, like a round Venetian mirror gallery. You just need to make sure that the position of the wall chosen to place the Small Venetian Mirror Round is in the correct feng shui area.

Don’t put a round Venetian mirror too high close to the ceiling of the room. According to feng shui, there is no benefit, it only reflects light.

Small Venetian Mirror Round

Small Venetian Mirror Round

4. Round venetian mirror above the bed

Putting a round venetian mirror above the bed is not the right position according to feng shui. Besides this position being dangerous because it is above the head, a round Venetian mirror will also absorb too much energy.

You should avoid placing round Venetian mirrors behind your body and above your head in rooms that are resting areas at night. Also avoid the position of a round venetian mirror that can reflect a bed or bedding because it can absorb a lot of precious energy.

Round Venetian Mirror Color

Round Venetian Mirror Color

From timeless classics to contemporary decorative masterpieces, our range is full of the elegant pieces synonymous with Venetian mirrors. As always, our entire mirror collection is Venetian Mirror Company a spoiled with high quality and durable Venetian style mirrors that are sure to add an extra touch of sophistication to your living space.

Thus our article that discusses the Round Venetian Mirror. Of course, related to tips on installing it. So, can put it right strategically That is, in a position that has aesthetic value and adds artistic power. So, able to complement your home décor. It can be used functionally, and as a decoration to beautify the room. Blending harmonious interior design combinations. Make it more elegant, and charming to look at. Provide comfort and beauty at home. Okay Guys, that’s all from us and thank you.


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