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Knowing More About Venetian Style Mirror

Knowing More About Venetian Style Mirror

One of the reasons why the Venetian Style Mirror is considered very beautiful is because the secret-making procedure is produced by Murano glass craftsmen. The Venetian glass maker perfected the mystical gold dust technique: they put gold leaf into a glass before the compacting process, letting the gold leaf into the mirror. Protected forever, the gold leaf adds lasting color and sparkle to Venetian glass. Another highly protective manufacturing secret is the “Lattimo” process. Lattimo is the name given to translucent white glass. This technique involves the use of lead to color glass. Over time, the Venetian mirror maker perfected this process and achieved the skills necessary to manipulate the various effects within the glass. When welded across the glass, the Lattimo process breathed new life into the Venetian mirror. Through the manipulation of gold dust techniques and skillful lattimo techniques together, the creation of such detail as borders, flowers, and beautiful ribbons can be done.

The unparalleled quality of the Venetian Style Mirror brings a new reality: competitors are relentlessly searching for the secrets of Venetian mirror production. So, to counter this narrative, the famous Murano glass artist formed an elite panel called “The Ten Council”. The Ten Board strictly protects the secret of their widely coveted glass-making technique. Transported to the secret island of Murano, the undercover glass maker became a pebebator, avoiding detection. “The Ten Council” supports their home glass makers with cheap salaries and comfortable accommodations, but isolates them from the outside world in extreme efforts to uphold their oath of secrecy. The Venetian mirror industry produces very high profits; And the intervention of rivals is not an option. Just like that, only the rich can afford to buy that miraculous mirror of Venice. At that time, the cost of a Venetian mirror was worth the cost of a navy ship. The cost of this Venetian mirror, in some cases known to exceed the cost of a large number of human lives, is extremely extreme. By way of a softer comparison, the artwork painted by Rafael is a cheaper option than a single mirror of Venice of the same size.

In the present, Venetian Style Mirror continue to convey luxury and status. The market today shows that there are a number of mirrors of “artificial” Venice that flood the market; This is a mirror suitable for a Venetian mirror but does not have the expertise of the original article. This shortage is produced worldwide and is often marketed as a “Venetian inspired” or “Venetian Style” mirror, or sometimes not at all, giving consumers no indication that they are imitations. However, consumers who know that only real champagne originated in the French province of Champagne; The authentic Venetian mirror comes only from the island of Venice Murano in Italy. Although Venetian mirrors are still very valuable and in great demand, most Venetian mirrors are considered an affordable investment and functional artwork. Indeed, once you see the fine details and craftsmanship that define the Venetian mirror, the magnetic lure of the beauty of Venetian mirrors is practically impossible to resist.

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